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*NEW NEWS*  We are starting a non-profit organization in Kyle's name with the mission of spreading carseat safety awareness, getting stricter driver testing laws passed, and providing carseats to families in need.  The website is not finished yet, but will be soon.  Please check it out at - check back often for updates.

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This memorial website has been created as a tribute to our beautiful son Kyle David Miller.  Kyle was born March 13, 2002 and from the moment he was born he filled our lives with such joy and sense of completion.  His big sister Katie was so happy to have a little brother, she had been talking about him for months before he was born and as soon as he came home she was his little "mommy", always worried about him and looking after him.  Katie and Kyle soon became inseperable, they were only 21 months apart and grew into best friends very quickly.  Kevin and I felt so incredibly blessed to have these two perfect children, a girl and a boy, our family was so perfect and complete.  So many times I would watch them playing or sleeping and it just wouldn't even seem real, how could we be so blessed and lucky?

Kyle was such an amazing and special little boy, from a very early age he was different than most boys.  He never enjoyed play fighting and typical boy things, he had such a compassionate and kind soul.  His favorite things were ALWAYS animals, when we took him to the toy store he would immediately pick out a toy animal and be ready to go.  His favorite movies and books were also about animals, he loved them all, especially Hippos, Elephants, Crocodiles, Turtles and Sharks.   He was never without a toy animal (or two) in his hand whether we were at home or out somewhere.  He had this shirt with a Shark on it and it was his all time favorite shirt, if he was ever giving me a hard time about getting ready to go out somewhere all I had to do was ask him if he wanted to wear his "Shark Shack" shirt and he would jump up so excited and be ready to go.  He loved to go to the Zoo and Sea World and I am so happy that we took him so many times to those places.  One thing I can say is that we have no regrets about Kyle's life, choosing to be a stay at home mom turned out to be the best decision I ever made.  I had no idea I would only have 3 years with my son and I thank God everyday that he gave the wisdom to choose to spend every moment with him.  I cherished our days together, we would have so much fun going to the playground and meeting friends for playdates, hanging out on the couch reading stories together, sitting on the floor in the playroom playing tea party with Katie, picnic and with blocks and animals.  Being home together gave Katie and Kyle the opportunity to really form an incredible bond and friendship and they would have so much fun playing together for hours.  Kevin was also fortunate to be in college during Kyle's lifetime because it gave him much more time at home and with us than had he been working full time.  So many afternoons we would take to the kids to Gattiland or the park or the children's museum or out on a picnic and to feed the ducks, and of course since he had summers off we had the most incredible summers with the kids - we basically lived between the Zoo, 6 Flags, Sea World and the Musuem every summer, it was so wonderful.  We truly made the most out of the short time we had with Kyle and I will forever be grateful for that.  If I had known in advance that we would only have 3 years with our son, I would change absolutely nothing about the way we lived them.  I am eternally grateful for that. 

Kyle was also very talented with building block towers and "cities", he would make the most intricate block cities with roads and houses and bridges, it was obvious that he had gotten his daddy's mind for engineering and math.  I included a picture in the photo album of one of his block towns that he made for his big sister Katie, he was always so sweet like that.  He could also accurately add numbers in his head without ever being taught.  He suprised us one night when we were going over some math with Katie and I asked her "what is 2 plus 2?" and Kyle answered "Four!"  Both Kevin and I looked at each other with suprise, so we started asking him more questions and he got them all right.  He was such a smart little boy and we couldn't wait to see what he would do when he grew up. 
Kyle captured such a special place in all our hearts, he was so loving and tender and always had a hug and a kiss and an "I love you" ready.  He had SO much love in his heart, the way he looked at his big sister with so much admiration and love, that huge smile and adorable dimples that just lit up a room - I always said he had the BEST smile, there was so much love and life and warmth in his smile.  The way he always wanted to snuggle in my lap and grab ahold of my arm for comfort and that adorable laugh that daddy could get out of him so well, those things are beyond description but will live in my heart forever.   I'll never forget the many nights he'd fall asleep next to me on the couch and daddy would carry him to bed,  after a few minutes Kevin would call me in there to watch Kyle sleeping and we'd both lay there and stroke his face and kiss him.  Never was a boy so loved, so appreciated and treasured.  He was mommy's little teddy bear, daddy's little wrestle buddy and Katie's best friend.  He was our "bubby" and noone will ever fill his special place in our hearts and family.  

May 29th was a Sunday that started out to be what seemed like a wonderful day.  My dad had come up for the weekend to see my play which had wrapped the following evening and I had just gotten rave reviews in, I had just gotten the lead role in a film that was starting the following month, we had just signed a lease on a house we were going to rent that had a huge yard for the kids to play in and we had just sold our old car that we were afraid would be hard to sell.  Everything was going our way!  I remember that morning doing dishes and commenting on how great everything was, how the kids were getting older and things were just getting so much easier and more fun and how much we were looking forward to the summer starting, the kids were so excited about going to the pool and doing all the summer things they had been looking forward to all year.  It had finally warmed up that weekend and we decided since it was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day) and Kevin had Monday off, we would follow my dad back to San Antonio and take the kids to the lake, what a great kick off to summer!  We packed up our bathing suits, life jackets and clothes, hopped into the van and took off.  We decided to stop at our new house to show it to my dad and then stopped again at a gas station right up the street before starting the long drive.  I went inside and got the kids drinks and snacks and brought them back out to the van.  I opened Kyle's door and stood there for a while getting the granola bars open and handing the kids their drinks.  At that point both the kids had their seatbelts on, I can still picture them so clearly in my mind.  I had no idea that would be the last time I would see my son alive.  Kevin and I got into the van and we headed off, I got the kids movie started (Sponge Bob) and they were happily eating their snacks and watching a movie.  We were driving on Hw. 47 when we came to a flashing yellow light at the intersection of Villa Maria (cross traffic had a HUGE stop sign and a flashing red light)  From the corner of my eye I saw a car approaching the intersection at a high speed, too fast to stop at the red light, but by the time I started to say "watch out" it was too late, we were through the intersection and the car had run the red light and broadsided us going aprox. 45 miles an hour.  It all happened in a split second but I replay it in my mind in slow motion a hundred times a day.  Our van was knocked off the road and into a ditch and started rolling several times.  When we finally stopped with the van laying driver's down the first thing both Kevin and I did was whip around to look in the backseat and check on the kids, as I was turning around I heard Kevin saying "Are you guys OK"?  As I turned around I saw Katie behind Kevin and felt a sigh of relief, if she was ok I knew Kyle was too, I finally turned all the way around to look behind me at Kyle and all that was there was an empty seat.  There are no words to describe the horror and million things that flew threw my mind at that instant.  I remember screaming "He's gone, Kyle's gone" and the next thing I knew Kevin had climbed into the back seat and jumped out through Kyle's broken window.  I quickly followed out of my broken window and immediately saw my baby boy laying about 30 feet away on the hill.  Thankfully my dad was there to get Katie and keep her away from what was to come.  I raced to Kyle and when I got to him I almost collapsed, he was laying on his back with blood pouring out of his ears and mouth.  I started screaming and crying "NO!" - this just could not be happening, 2 seconds ago he was fine, eating a granola bar and watching SpongeBob...and now he's dead??!! NO!!!!!!!!!!  This cannot happen!  It was like waking up into the most horrible nightmare.  I held his hand and stroked his face and then and lady ran up and said she knew CPR and started working on him.  I know CPR, I couldn't believe I didn't think to try it, I guess I was in too much shock to even think.  I also knew from the moment I saw him that he had already gone, I felt it in my heart.  After what seemed like an eternity the ambulance finally came and they loaded him into the back, I got in the front and Kevin and Katie rode with my dad and followed us.  We got to the hospital and they immediately started working on Kyle but took me and Kevin to seperate rooms to get checked out and tried to force us to lay down with neck braces.  Both Kevin and I ripped the neck braces off and ran to be with Kyle.  They let us stay in the room while they tried to revive him.  They worked on him for 30 minutes but could not get a pulse at all.  The whole time I just prayed for a miracle, "Please God not my baby boy, PLEASE take me but save him, he is too innocent and has so much future ahead of him"  The most dire prayer I have ever prayed went unanswered and I suppose I will never know why, at least not in this lifetime.  The doctor looked at me and said "There is nothing more we can do".  It was like someone had thrown me into this alternate reality, hell had to come to me on earth.  Kevin and I took turns holding him in our arms and then we laid him down on the bed and laid next to him, kissing him and hugging him for hours.  Finally the hospital told us we had to leave, up until then it hadn't even occured to me that we would leave him there.  How could I just get up and walk away and leave my baby there?  I had never even been apart from him for more than a couple hours in his entire life and I'm supposed to walk away and leave him knowing I won't ever see him again.  That was one of the hardest moments of my life, I felt like I was accepting it, giving up and abandoning my son.  I had to remind myself that I was only leaving his body and that his soul was not in his body anymore,  Kyle and everything that made him Kyle was still with us, that was the only hope I could cling to to give me the strength to tell my baby goodbye and walk away.

We held Kyle's funeral at Oak Hills Church on June 2nd, although we were still in shock and incredible pain,  I can say that it was a beautiful service in rememberance of him and his life, something I hope Kyle was looking down on and enjoyed.  We dressed him in his favorite PJ's and surrounded him with his favorite toys (all animals of course) and the pastor read letters Kevin and I had written to him.  Kevin and I said our last goodbyes to our sweet little boy's body, gave him our last hugs and kisses, told him that we loved him and would miss him but we wanted him to be happy so "to go play with all the animals and children in heaven" and closed the casket knowing it was the last time we would see our sweet son's face.  Another one of the hardest moments in my life.  Immediately following the funeral we had a short graveside service at the cemetary and then had a balloon release, we released 100 white balloons and 3 blue balloon (1 for each year of Kyle's life) Kevin, Katie and I released the blue ones.  It was so amazing because all of the balloons were released together by different people but the white ones all stayed together and drifted off to the right but the blue ones all drifted together to the left.  Lastly we let Katie release a big turtle balloon that I know Kyle would love and it followed and caught up with the blue ballloons and they all drifted up to Kyle together.  It was such a profound moment and I really felt like it was Kyle's way of saying that he loved us and that we are always together.

Kyle was an angel on earth, the most perfect, sweetest, kindest little boy I have ever known and now he is an angel in heaven.  Our lives will never be the same without him, but we are trying to find a way to get through the horrible pain of missing him and live our lives in his honor.  We are proud to say he is and will always be our son, we were blessed with 3 wonderful years with him and greatly look forward to the day when we can finally be together forever.

Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your thoughts and prayers, and thank you all so much for your candles and tributes, it means the world to us.  Please continue to  light candles in honor of our sweet angel Kyle, I know he gets our love and messages.  He was such an incredible blessing to us and to the world and is now a blessing to Heaven above as an angel. 

We have since found through an expert that examined the seatbelt, van and carseat that Kyle's seatbelt was ON and latched when we were hit but came off sometime during the rollover.   Both Kyle and his booster seat were thrown from the vehicle.  Seatbelts do NOT always work,  especially in roll overs, so please keep your children in a 5-point harness secured and tethered to the car for as LONG as possible.  We found a seat made by Britax called the Regent that is a 5-point harness that uses the Lower Anchors and Tethers system and will hold a child up to 80 pounds.  It is WORTH the investment, it is your child's life you are risking every time you put them in the car.  Another crucial thing to have is side curtain airbags in the front and back seats in your vehicle - it is only an OPTION in most vehicles that you have to request.   Driving is by far the most dangerous situation you will ever put your child in and no matter how safe YOU are, you never know when someone will run a red light and leave you no time to react.  In that moment the investments you made and thought you put into your child's safety are the only thing that will save him/her.  Booster seats are NOT safe, seatbelts FAIL.  A 5-point harness tethered and anchored to the car and side curtain airbags would have saved our son's life, and if we would have known about them we would have had them.  All the 5-point harness carseats sold in regular stores only go up to 40 pounds (Kyle was over 40 pounds so we thought he had to move into a booster), we did not know you could order a 5-point harness seat for larger children.  If you have a child over 40 pounds, PLEASE go online and search for Britax Regent and order it - it is will hold a child up to 80 pounds.  I want to make sure everyone knows about these things and this never happens to another child.   

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Tributes and Condolences
You are my reason   / Jessica Betnar
I watched your story in 2005. Right when I watched I was crying and ready to make sure my babies and future daycare kids were always safe. Your story is why my three children rode in these car seats till they were 10 years old. They were light weight...  Continue >>
Why i put relation as student?   / Crystal Pitts (Student)
I questioned for awhile if i should say something cause if i ever had the loss of a son i felt i wouldnt want any sort of reminders of my loss and i really didnt want you to see me post on here just to remind you of your loss but i realized that i'm ...  Continue >>
Belated condolences, and a huge thank you   / Danielle G.
I know I am a latecomer to your beautiful tribute site to you beloved son. I will think and pray of your son often, now that I know your heartbreaking story.

Thank you so much for the information on the 5-point harness booster seat for ch...  Continue >>
Thank You!   / Corrina Ignacio
Dear Miller Family First off I would like to say Sorry for the the heart ache you've endured over the loss of your son. But i would like to give a BIG thanx to you guys for opening my eyes about the facts of child safety. I saw your video a few years...  Continue >>
im soo sorry for your loss   / Marissa Scopinich
hi mr and mrs miller. ive been reading about your son and i am so sorry for your loss. im bawling my eyes out at his story. my prayers are with your family and kyle. i have 2 little brothers whos 3 and 1 and im 13 and i couldnt imagine them passing a...  Continue >>
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His legacy
From Nana  
I am Kyle's other grandmother, I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful children in the world. He was such a sweet liitle man and he is loved by so many. Kyle had a gentle heart and soul and always a smile on his sweet little face. All of us miss him and love him so much.
Thirty five years ago I buried my oldest son Keith Allen, whom I lost in a tragic mobile home fire, he was only 5/12 yrs old and I was 4 mos. pregnant with my oldest daughter. Like Kyle he always had a sweet little smile on his beautiful little face and a gentle heart. Those were some of the most horrible days of my life following his death, or that is what I thought until we lost our sweet little Kyle. Kyle was #4 grandchild of 8, and they are all so precious and loving. Losing Kyle has left a big void in my heart, but I know that he is in heaven with his Uncle Keith and they are playing with all the little animals they loved so much. They say that God never gives us more than we can handle and I pray that we as a family never have to endure this kind of pain again and that God has mercy on us, giving us the strength to go on without these 2 precious Angels.
My son Kevin & daughter in law Christine are two of the most amazing people I know, they are truly my hero's. They have built such a loving legacy to their son, sharing their tragedy with the world and turning something so painful into something so wonderful by helping other family's in need, getting the word out on the importance of keeping our children safe and providing these Car Seats in Kyle's name to family's that can not afford them. What an awesome legacy to an awesome little boy. We as parents of these two young adults could not be prouder of all they have accomplished in the 2 yrs since Kyle's death, I know I could not have done it. I see the pain and hurt in their eyes each time we see a picture of Kyle or his name is mentioned, or we something that so reminds us of his gentle little heart, yet they go on in faith, helping others in need.
We love and miss Kyle so much and losing him has left a large void in all of our lives, but we know he is with God and he will be in our hearts forever. We also know that these two precious Angels we have are watching over all the children of world and taking care of all of the little animals they both loved so much. We also know that we will see them again one day when we leave this world, so it's not goodbye, it's we will see you later.

We love you both and miss you so much!!!


From Grandma  
Hi Christine, How incredibly amazing are all the tributes and candles on this site! They are all great, and some are so beautiful, they make me cry. It is truly amazing how Kyle's love and the Miller Family's love for one another is changing the world and making it a better and safer and more loving place for all of us. My love for you and your family, my family, is so great, never ending and ever growing to "infinity & beyond," as Kyle used to say, and still says. Yes, Kyle, little buddy, we love you "to infinity & beyond." We love you, we love you, we love you. May God bless you and keep you next to him forever and ever. Since 1000 years is like 1 year to God in heaven, where you are now Kyle, we will all see you really soon. Keep looking after your immediate family, and all the families whose lives you are touching worldwide. Your love for Kyle, my precious daughter, has touched the world. The shy little boy who never wanted attention, is known and loved worldwide. And your family's love for our little Kyle has reached and touched the hands of God in Heaven who holds him. Praise God who gives us eternal life. Let us rejoice that we will see the face of God, just as Kyle sees it now, and that we will be with Kyle again and forever. Love,Mom (Grandma)
Hi Christine,
I was just looking at Kyle's Legacy and just wanted to let you know what I think
Kyle's legacy is.  It is love.  He loved so much and was and is loved so much.
His legacy is Love, because he is and was love, pure and innocent and for all
creatures.   In Romans 13, the apostle Paul says that Love is the fulfillment of
God's law, and that without love, we have and are nothing.  Kyle had and was and
is everything because he was and is the very essence of love.  His whole life he
loved and was loved so much.  The apostle Paul goes on to say that out of the
gifts that God gives us: faith, hope and love, the greatest one is love.  Kyle
was one of the greatest gifts that God could give us, just like Katie is and
Kobey will be.  So I think that Kyle's legacy is Love, pure, simple, innocent,
transforming Love.  Now, in heaven, he is Peace and Love in its purest form.
Kyle is a reminder to us all of where love comes from and to whom it returns.
If God gives us such beautiful gifts of Love while we are here on earth, how
much greater, complete and fulfilling are the gifts he has prepared for us in
heaven.  Kyle is being prepared in heaven for our return also.    Let's turn to
the maker and giver of Love to help us accept our loss, His gain, and to trust
in God who gives us such great gifts, and accept his great promise that in the
end we too will understand the "why" of everything and rejoice.
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