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Thank you for sharing your story and sadness with us  / Angela   Read >>
Thank you for sharing your story and sadness with us  / Angela
Dear family of Kyle,

I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet Kyle.  I have two children and my son looks a lot like yours, so your video hits a real tender part of my heart. 

How can I thank you for posting your story and pictures on You Tube?  It makes me cry each time.  I have shared it with countless moms because I posted it on a kid-related reference page that I send to my clients.  My best friend and my sister have both switched to the Regent for their children. 

It never sat right with me to see my kids bouncing around in the backseat, just from going over a speed bump.  And a few times, they had taken off the strap from their shoulder without my knowing.  Your story confirmed my gut feeling, and  the very next day I bought the Regent.  You may be surprised to know that they were, all but for one...sold out.  Why, i asked the saleswoman?  She said there was "a video circulating the internet, and that all the stores were selling out faster than Britax could make them."  I'm sure your story has already saved lives, and for that you should feel very very proud of what you have done. 

I cannot express my gratitude, except to let you know how your loss and your story has touched my family, and countless others.  My heart goes out to your family.

God bless~
Angela  Close
God Rest His Soul  / Leslie (Passing bye )  Read >>
God Rest His Soul  / Leslie (Passing bye )

Kyle's mommy,daddy, Katie,

I am so very sorry for what happend to your little boy and brother to katie. May he rest in peace. Jesus loves the little children and take care of Kyle for you till you get there. My grandpa will help take care of him. May god bless you and your family. What happen to the person that ran the red light? If you don't mind me asking that is.

please feel free to visit my grandpa's site.

Bless you all  / Lisa (stranger)  Read >>
Bless you all  / Lisa (stranger)
My heart breaks for you all. You were blessed to have has such a beautiful child, and another in your daughter. I will keep you in my prayers. Little consolation for the pain you must feel. I was beginning to search for a booster seat for my 3 year old, but thanks to your family, I will keep him in a 5-point harness for as long as possible and I will check the latch system as I don't think it's currently hooked up. Please know that the terrible loss of your Kyle was not in vain. Lisa San Rafael, CA Close
Remembering and honoring you every day  / Laura   Read >>
Remembering and honoring you every day  / Laura

Today is my son's 2nd birthday.  I imagine how you were at this point in your life - how thrilled and blessed your parents were and how much they loved you.

We took this opportunity to honor you by asking people to donate to the foundation instead of giving presents - we would prefer that our son's birthday instead provided assistance to those who need it to keep their children safe.

We hope you are smiling down on us today as we celebrate this milestone in our family and we take a moment to give thanks for you and your family coming into our lives.

We love you bubs!
XXXX Close
may God bless your family!  / Randi Brandt   Read >>
may God bless your family!  / Randi Brandt
after seeing your precious little boy's story, there is not a doubt in my mind what kind of car seat I will buying for my 16 month old son; you have such a beautiful family and  I pray God continues to bless you for the good work you do! Close
To Kyle's Grandmothers/Nana M. and Grandma O.  / Denice From NY   Read >>
To Kyle's Grandmothers/Nana M. and Grandma O.  / Denice From NY

I was just reading through the Tributes and Condolences on this website as I often do.  I of course am touched by each and every entry but today I really sat and thought about Kyle's Grandmoms.  They have wrote such beautiful and touching words, I can't help but sit and think how Kyle's tragic death has affected them.  I can only tell by their loving words that Kyle and all their other grandchildren must mean the world to them.  My own parents are so very close to my husband and I and our children.  They would put their lives on the line for our kids and consider them an extension of themselves, just as my brothers and sister and I are, even as adult "children".  If, God forbid, one of my children were to pass, I truly know my parents would be as devastated and broken as we would be.  I can only imagine that the pain and heartache that you both suffer is tremendous.  Please know that I include you both in my prayers each time I pray for healing and peace for your son and daughter as well as the rest of all your family members/extended family members.  Grandmas are such very special people, you are your grandchildren's second moms in a sense...I am so sorry that you too suffered the great loss of such a beautiful little guy.  Kyle is so blessed to have two such loving grandmoms; one day you can both spoil him again with kisses and hugs in Heaven!  God bless you both.  With love, Denice

your loss has helped and touch so many  / Courtney Stanton   Read >>
your loss has helped and touch so many  / Courtney Stanton
I just wanted to let you know how moving and educational your video was. We live in Europe and will be traveling home to the States for a visit and our Britax Decatholan it so large to travel with, so I will need to buy our daughter a new carseat for our visit. While she is only 15 month old she is too small for the Britax Regents - but we are buying her the Sunshinne Kids Radiant 80 - another 'booster seat' with the 5 point harnes. Just wanted to relay my gratitidue and - your loss has helped and touch so many others acrossed the world.


Courtney Close
You are making a difference  / Debby Chopin (none)  Read >>
You are making a difference  / Debby Chopin (none)

I'm so deeply sorry for you loss. My husband and I have been looking for a booster seat for my 3 1/2 year old. She is growing too big for her Britax Marathon and we were just getting ready to purchase the Britax Parkway when we came  across Kyle's story. I didn't realize that there was a safer seat available. We have just placed our order for our Britax Regent. I believe you are an angel and are saving countless lives by getting this information to others.

Kyle has touched my heart...  / Sheri   Read >>
Kyle has touched my heart...  / Sheri
Christine, Kevin, & Katie-
Words can not describe what you all have experienced and had to endure.  As I typing this thru tearfilled eyes, just know that your little boy, Kyle, has touched my heart as well as so many others I'm sure.  I am 7 mo. pregnant with my second and plan to purchase the Regent for my 3 year old son and will use his Roundabout for his new sibling.  I plan to write Kyle's name on my son's new Regent carseat as a tribute to Kyle and as a reminder to enjoy every moment with my family.  Life is too short to get lost in all the details.  Please know your family is thought of and Kyle's spirit is still going strong.
>Sheri Close
thank you  / Ashlee Fusco (none)  Read >>
thank you  / Ashlee Fusco (none)
im not sure if you will truly ever know how many lives you have touched. my children are 20 months apart, my oldest a girl, Nevaeh is 2, and Joseph Jr. is nearly 8 months. my sister sent me the video from youtube, i cried, and cried, and cried. i too think more/ better laws should be inplace for children in cars, my husband is a cop, and our county is very laid back. it drives me crazy! i have both of my children in a Britax carseat. most people think im nuts, but i dont care. id rather be broke from a $300 safe carseat than a crappy cheap one! you are doing Gods work by spreading your story, keep it up. 

ashlee fusco  Close
Kyle / Christi M. Reeves   Read >>
Kyle / Christi M. Reeves
I am so sorry for your loss.  Kyle is an angel in heaven looking down on all of us and protecting us.  Close

     I am Kyle's other grandmother, I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful children in the world.  He was such a sweet liitle man and he is loved by so many.  Kyle had a gentle heart and soul and always a smile on his sweet little face.  All of us miss him and love him so much. 
     Thirty five years ago I buried my oldest son Keith Allen, whom I lost in a tragic mobile home fire, he was only 5/12 yrs old and I was 4 mos. pregnant with my oldest daughter. Like Kyle he always had a sweet little smile on his beautiful little face  and a gentle heart.  Those were some of the most horrible days of my life following his death, or that is what I thought until we lost our sweet little Kyle.  Kyle was #4 grandchild of 8, and they are all so precious and loving.  Losing Kyle has left a big void in my heart, but I know that he is in heaven with his Uncle Keith and they are playing with all the little animals they loved so much.  They say that God never gives us more than we can handle and I pray that we as a family never have to endure this kind of pain again and that God has mercy on us, giving us the strength to go on without these 2 precious Angels.  
  My son Kevin & daughter in law Christine are two of the most amazing people I know, they are truly my hero's.  They have built such a loving legacy to their son, sharing their tragedy with the world and turning something so painful into something so wonderful by helping other family's in need, getting the word out on the importance of keeping our children safe and providing these Car Seats in Kyle's name to family's that can not afford them.  What an awesome legacy to an awesome little boy.  We as parents of these two young adults could not be prouder of all they have accomplished in the 2 yrs since Kyle's death, I know I could not have done it.  I see the pain and hurt in their eyes each time we see a picture of Kyle or his name is mentioned,  or we something that so reminds us of his gentle little heart, yet they go on in faith, helping others in need. 
    We love and miss Kyle so much and losing him has left a large void in all of our lives, but we know he is with God and he will be in our hearts forever.  We also know that these two precious Angels we have are watching over all the children of world and taking care of all of the little animals they both loved so much.  We also know that we will see them again one day when we leave this world, so it's not goodbye, it's we will see you later.

We love you both and miss you so much!!!


Thank you  / Debra Johnson   Read >>
Thank you  / Debra Johnson
The day before I happened to run across the video of Kyle on youtube, I had bought a Britax Parkway.  I had decided it was time for my 4 yr. old to trade in his Britax Marathon for the booster seat.  After all, he was almost at the height/weight for the Marathon and we all know how safe the booster seats are and it was a Britax booster seat.

The day after seeing the video about the accident, I took back the booster seat.  I had never even heard of the Regent before and Britax is the only brand of car seat I have ever used.  I thought the Marathon was the largest sized car seat they made at the time.

It, also, never occurred to me that a booster seat could be more dangerous than a car seat.  It makes sense but it just never occurred to me.  After all, all you hear is how safe the booster seats are.

Since then, my son is now riding in the Regent and will be for as long as he can. 

I have sent the video to everyone I know in hopes that others will avoid this tragedy.  My family thinks I'm paranoid since the government claims that boosters are safe and the chance of having an accident is low but I don't even see the point in taking a chance.  A lone seat belt vs a 5 point harness, anchor and tethers, I'll take the car seat any day.

So, thank you.  My baby's life is more important than anything, than any amount of money, in the world. 

I know that your son and his legacy has saved mothers, such as myself, from a lifetime of heartache. Close
You are a angel  / Paige Mattingly   Read >>
You are a angel  / Paige Mattingly
You were here for a short time on this earth.  I didn't ever know you and don't know your family but your story made me open my eyes to see alot .  Thank you for this.  May you legacy go on for many years to help and save others.

God bless
Paige Mattingly Close
Thank you for your message  / Cat &. Kyla In Florida   Read >>
Thank you for your message  / Cat &. Kyla In Florida

As a mom who has lost a son, I can honestly say I know the loss you feel.  I know you miss him deeply but are incredibly grateful for every moment you were blessed to have him.  I lost my son through illness, not through an accident that could have been prevented by better public information and driver laws / regulation.  Any loss of a child is senseless, but the preventable losses are so much more resonant.

I just wanted to say thank you for getting this message out.  Believe it or not, when I saw your message I was actually online looking for a safe booster seat for a two-year-old at 30 lbs.  My daughter Kyla hates being restrained in her carseat.  When her carseat cracked and needed to be replaced,  I was online researching how small a child you could safely put in a booster seat when I happened across a link to Kyle's video.  

Thanks to Kyle, my little one (whether she likes it or not) is strapped snuggly into a Britax Boulevard and will be for the next few years.  If not for your video, my daughter would be in the same dangerous situation that has already cost too many families their treasured children.   

From one mom to another  ** THANK YOU  **

Your a strong woman!!!  / Shari Lambreton (A mom, veiwing him as an angel!! )  Read >>
Your a strong woman!!!  / Shari Lambreton (A mom, veiwing him as an angel!! )

I am a mom of a 6 year old beautiful boy and reading your story just had my heart aching!!! I got onto this site by accident....but once I saw the pitcher of Kyle and his beautiful face and "in memory of" I was taken in.  I truly hope your family is doing well......I just cant imagine what you've been through.  I just wanted to write to say that I'm sorry for your pain and my prayers are with you!!!! Just looking at Kyle's  pitchers you can tell that he is everything that you said he is!!!

A Hui Hou, Kyle...  / Rachel Raquino   Read >>
A Hui Hou, Kyle...  / Rachel Raquino

First I would like to start off by thanking you for bringing so much awareness to this extremely important topic.  A friend of mine forwarded me Kyle's youtube video and I must have watched it at least 10 times and cried and cried.  I sent it on to everyone I knew.  Because of Kyle's story, I will keep my precious little boy in a carseat for as long as I possibly can.  I also am a preacher on this topic to every parent I know and am always telling people the story of Kyle.  

You see, I lost my sister 10 years ago in a car accident.  She was travelling home on the freeway with my 9 month old nephew in the car.  A speeding teenager crossed the median and hit my sister head-on at 80+ mph.  My sister was killed.  My nephew survived without a scratch.  I don't think people really realize how fragile life is until something like this happens.  I miss my sister every day and I wish that she was still here.  Thank God my nephew survived and I can watch him grow up and see my sister live through him.  

I am pregnant with our second son and was on the web looking for a carseat for him.  I started to look for a carseat for my first son who will soon be growing out of his carseat.  I couldn't remember the model of the carseat that you mentioned in Kyle's video but just looked for something that would fit a child heavier than 65 lbs.  I saw the write up of Kyle of Britax's website and couldn't believe it.  I then followed the link to Kyle's website and here I am.  

We have lived in Hawaii all our lives and wanted to send you and your family the warmest aloha from all of us.  We think of you often and think of Kyle...what a precious little boy.  "A Hui Hou" means "until we meet again" in Hawaiian.  A HUI HOU, KYLE 

The Raquino's

Thoughts and prayers  / Mike Ganino (None)  Read >>
Thoughts and prayers  / Mike Ganino (None)

Dear Miller Family:

Ever since watching Kyle’s video on You-tube, I’ve been touched in ways that have been difficult to express and I think of Kyle often. I have watched Kyle’s video many times, viewed his memorial site and have corresponded with Laura from Kyle’s foundation. My wife and I have 2 sons ages 3 ½ and 17 months and are expecting our 3rd child in August. We have forwarded the link to many friends and family in the hopes that others will be spared your pain…and we pray that Kyle’s passing was not in vain. Your loss is unimaginable, but I can tell you that our boys are safer today because of what we learned from your video…we have put off the idea of replacing our car seats with booster seats and will be replacing our Marathon with the Regent instead.

This past Sunday, my son Michael and I were inflating balloons trying to empty a helium tank left over from a family picnic. While he had the chance to have the most fantastic bunch of balloons a boy could ask for, perhaps 20 or more, he told me that he wanted to send them to Kyle instead. So, we tied them all together, attached one of Kyle’s kindness cards to them, along with a message, and sent them on their way…to Kyle. As they climbed above the trees, I could hear our neighbor’s children yell to their parents to look up at the balloons. I saw many others on our street were also gazing upwards as the balloons floated into the most perfect afternoon sky, and while we could not take our eyes off them, they were very soon out of sight. And then, Michael asked me if Kyle was “far far away”…and immediately I thought of Kyle’s video...I knew in my heart he was very close at that moment.

I am truly sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story of Kyle and the love that you shared as a family. After reading some of the very heartfelt tributes, Kyle’s grandmother said it oh so well, you have allowed the entire world to share in the love for your wonderful son. Heaven is truly a better place with Kyle there and I believe that your family will be reunited one day and share in the Glory that Kyle is now a part of. I know one day that our families will meet, perhaps not in this lifetime, but one day when you are complete again, with Kyle by your side.

made me think  / Jade (none)  Read >>
made me think  / Jade (none)
i cant tell you how sorry for your loss i am.  Your story has convinced me to look for a 5 part harness for my son when he gets too big for a baby seat. Close
Kyle's Love  / Grandma   Read >>
Kyle's Love  / Grandma

How incredibly amazing are all the tributes and candles on this site!  They are all great, and some are so beautiful, they make me cry.    It is truly amazing how Kyle's love and the Miller Family's love for one another is changing the world and making it a better and safer and more loving place for all of us.  My love for you and your family, my family, is so great, never ending and ever growing to "infinity & beyond," as Kyle used to say, and still says.

Yes, Kyle, little buddy, we love you "to infinity & beyond."  We love you, we love you, we love you.  May God bless you and keep you next to him forever and ever.  

Since 1000 years is like 1 year to God in heaven, where you are now Kyle, we will all see you really soon.  Keep looking after your immediate family, and all the families whose lives you are touching worldwide. 

Your love for Kyle, my precious daughter, has touched the world.  The shy little boy who never wanted attention, is known and loved worldwide.  And your family's love for our little Kyle has reached and touched the hands of God in Heaven who holds him.  Praise God who gives us eternal life.  Let us rejoice that we will see the face of God, just as Kyle sees it now, and that we will be with Kyle again and forever.  

Mom (Grandma)

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