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His legacy
From Nana  
I am Kyle's other grandmother, I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful children in the world. He was such a sweet liitle man and he is loved by so many. Kyle had a gentle heart and soul and always a smile on his sweet little face. All of us miss him and love him so much.
Thirty five years ago I buried my oldest son Keith Allen, whom I lost in a tragic mobile home fire, he was only 5/12 yrs old and I was 4 mos. pregnant with my oldest daughter. Like Kyle he always had a sweet little smile on his beautiful little face and a gentle heart. Those were some of the most horrible days of my life following his death, or that is what I thought until we lost our sweet little Kyle. Kyle was #4 grandchild of 8, and they are all so precious and loving. Losing Kyle has left a big void in my heart, but I know that he is in heaven with his Uncle Keith and they are playing with all the little animals they loved so much. They say that God never gives us more than we can handle and I pray that we as a family never have to endure this kind of pain again and that God has mercy on us, giving us the strength to go on without these 2 precious Angels.
My son Kevin & daughter in law Christine are two of the most amazing people I know, they are truly my hero's. They have built such a loving legacy to their son, sharing their tragedy with the world and turning something so painful into something so wonderful by helping other family's in need, getting the word out on the importance of keeping our children safe and providing these Car Seats in Kyle's name to family's that can not afford them. What an awesome legacy to an awesome little boy. We as parents of these two young adults could not be prouder of all they have accomplished in the 2 yrs since Kyle's death, I know I could not have done it. I see the pain and hurt in their eyes each time we see a picture of Kyle or his name is mentioned, or we something that so reminds us of his gentle little heart, yet they go on in faith, helping others in need.
We love and miss Kyle so much and losing him has left a large void in all of our lives, but we know he is with God and he will be in our hearts forever. We also know that these two precious Angels we have are watching over all the children of world and taking care of all of the little animals they both loved so much. We also know that we will see them again one day when we leave this world, so it's not goodbye, it's we will see you later.

We love you both and miss you so much!!!


From Grandma  
Hi Christine, How incredibly amazing are all the tributes and candles on this site! They are all great, and some are so beautiful, they make me cry. It is truly amazing how Kyle's love and the Miller Family's love for one another is changing the world and making it a better and safer and more loving place for all of us. My love for you and your family, my family, is so great, never ending and ever growing to "infinity & beyond," as Kyle used to say, and still says. Yes, Kyle, little buddy, we love you "to infinity & beyond." We love you, we love you, we love you. May God bless you and keep you next to him forever and ever. Since 1000 years is like 1 year to God in heaven, where you are now Kyle, we will all see you really soon. Keep looking after your immediate family, and all the families whose lives you are touching worldwide. Your love for Kyle, my precious daughter, has touched the world. The shy little boy who never wanted attention, is known and loved worldwide. And your family's love for our little Kyle has reached and touched the hands of God in Heaven who holds him. Praise God who gives us eternal life. Let us rejoice that we will see the face of God, just as Kyle sees it now, and that we will be with Kyle again and forever. Love,Mom (Grandma)
Hi Christine,
I was just looking at Kyle's Legacy and just wanted to let you know what I think
Kyle's legacy is.  It is love.  He loved so much and was and is loved so much.
His legacy is Love, because he is and was love, pure and innocent and for all
creatures.   In Romans 13, the apostle Paul says that Love is the fulfillment of
God's law, and that without love, we have and are nothing.  Kyle had and was and
is everything because he was and is the very essence of love.  His whole life he
loved and was loved so much.  The apostle Paul goes on to say that out of the
gifts that God gives us: faith, hope and love, the greatest one is love.  Kyle
was one of the greatest gifts that God could give us, just like Katie is and
Kobey will be.  So I think that Kyle's legacy is Love, pure, simple, innocent,
transforming Love.  Now, in heaven, he is Peace and Love in its purest form.
Kyle is a reminder to us all of where love comes from and to whom it returns.
If God gives us such beautiful gifts of Love while we are here on earth, how
much greater, complete and fulfilling are the gifts he has prepared for us in
heaven.  Kyle is being prepared in heaven for our return also.    Let's turn to
the maker and giver of Love to help us accept our loss, His gain, and to trust
in God who gives us such great gifts, and accept his great promise that in the
end we too will understand the "why" of everything and rejoice.

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