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You are my reason  / Jessica Betnar   Read >>
You are my reason  / Jessica Betnar
I watched your story in 2005. Right when I watched I was crying and ready to make sure my babies and future daycare kids were always safe. Your story is why my three children rode in these car seats till they were 10 years old. They were light weight kids and I wasn't letting them out till these were over the 80 pounds. My oldest is Kyle. He is graduating this year and I still think of you and your family often. Such a horrible tragedy but remember you are helping so many. I pass this story on to all I meet hoping for kids to stay safe. Xoxo- Jessica Gladstone, Oregon Close
Why i put relation as student?  / Crystal Pitts (Student)  Read >>
Why i put relation as student?  / Crystal Pitts (Student)
I questioned for awhile if i should say something cause if i ever had the loss of a son i felt i wouldnt want any sort of reminders of my loss and i really didnt want you to see me post on here just to remind you of your loss but i realized that i'm not you and i cant even imagine what you would want or not want for that matter. so if this hurts you please dont feel you have to read further but if you are strong enough to continue you are stronger than i can imagine i could ever be. i put my relation to your son as a student of his because this taught me a lesson i could never ever repay in full! i was searching for a booster seat since my son at two was already growing out of his seats. he's just above average in his growth and has been since he was two months old and with kids his age in daycare! i found this site in search for the booster and quickly turned to spending our traveling money on a seat that had a five-point in his size and future sizes as ironic as that sounds. I just want to say thank you and your son for potentially saving both of my sons lives and want you to know your in my prayers! thank you so much for posting your story! Close
Belated condolences, and a huge thank you  / Danielle G.   Read >>
Belated condolences, and a huge thank you  / Danielle G.
I know I am a latecomer to your beautiful tribute site to you beloved son. I will think and pray of your son often, now that I know your heartbreaking story.

Thank you so much for the information on the 5-point harness booster seat for children. I've just moved both my kids to seat belt booster seats because I thought they were safe and that they were my only option now that my kids are bigger. I am online bying the Britax regent now, buying two one for each kid, and I can't thank you enough for the research you've done and generous sharing of this knowledge so that other families may be spared the pain you have endured.

Thank You!  / Corrina Ignacio   Read >>
Thank You!  / Corrina Ignacio

Dear Miller Family First off I would like to say Sorry for the the heart ache you've endured over the loss of your son. But i would like to give a BIG thanx to you guys for opening my eyes about the facts of child safety. I saw your video a few years back and cried my eyes out! It totally touched my heart because at the time I had a son who was 2 and I was so ready to be done with the harness thing but I saw ur video and completely changed my mind. Now my son is 5 and my twins are 3 and I wanna keep them harnessed as long as I can!  Its so terrible this tragedy had to happen ur son has not died in vain! I thank God that I came across ur video and Ive posted it on my facebook to spread the word to everyone I know. Thanx again for all that u have done u guys are truely a blessing!!!

im soo sorry for your loss  / Marissa Scopinich   Read >>
im soo sorry for your loss  / Marissa Scopinich

hi mr and mrs miller. ive been reading about your son and i am so sorry for your loss. im bawling my eyes out at his story. my prayers are with your family and kyle. i have 2 little brothers whos 3 and 1 and im 13 and i couldnt imagine them passing away. you and kyle will soon meet again. and hopefully i can see him too. i love your photo album. hes the cutest thing ever. i will pray for you !






marissa <3

can't imagine  / Renata Borecki (mother of another child )  Read >>
can't imagine  / Renata Borecki (mother of another child )
I've read your article last night and watched the video of Kyle and sobbed and sobbed for a long time.

I cannot imagine the devastation you felt and always will feel and unfortunately there are no words of comfort that I can give you. Like you I was blessed with two precious kids and I was able to cherish them (and still do) as a stay-at-home mom.

I came accross your article while researching booster car seats for my son and my daughter who are 7 and 5 1/2. Thanks to your article I'll buy the best 5 point harness booster seats with tether and anchor. Your article did make a huge difference and I'm 100% sure you did save someone's life already.

Mei God reunite you with Kyle one day.

Thank you for caring about other people's children despite your unimaginable heartbreak.
Your Beautiful Kyle  / Becky Johnson (none)  Read >>
Your Beautiful Kyle  / Becky Johnson (none)

Reading Kyle's story has touched me more than you will ever know.  Thank you for sharing him with us.  I know he must be smiling down at you for making children safe through his life and his story.  My son shares a birthday with Kyle (Maart 13th) and I know that he will be staying in his 5 point harness rear facing car seat for as long as possible.  Please know that your family has made at least one more child safe.

Mei God bless and hold you until you meet again...

He's Beautiful!  / Annie   Read >>
He's Beautiful!  / Annie
So sorry from the bottom of my heart about your wonderful lil' boy! What a beautiful family you have! You are forever  in my heart! Close
I am very sorry about the loss of your boy.  / Sarah Swartwout (None)  Read >>
I am very sorry about the loss of your boy.  / Sarah Swartwout (None)

I am very sorry! I was reading what happened that day and honestly I cried. Thank you for spreading word about how important a 5 harness car seat is. I'm sure you saved a lot of childrens' lives.

 Praying for you all. 

 RIP Kyle.


Incredible special gift & a darling guardian angel  / The Andonov-Perisa Family (special friend from a far )  Read >>
Incredible special gift & a darling guardian angel  / The Andonov-Perisa Family (special friend from a far )
augustus 24 2009 Dear Christine and family I was so heart-wrenched after seeing Kyle’s video and learning more about your beautiful son and your courageous family. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for Kyle and your family. I wish I could miraculously change the past so that Kyle could physically be with you today. I know however he is still with you and your family in spirit and soul and protecting millions of little children everyday my son included. What a special little guardian angel he is!! You should be so proud. Your family has truly protected and saved multitudes of families all over the world. Kyle is a blessing and an incredible gift and continues eternally to be so to your family and to the world. The first time I saw Kyle’s video was in 2007 and it moved me tremendously. To this day every time I hear Kyle’s song my eyes fill with tears. From what I know he is such a beautiful boy inside and out and I wish my family had the pleasure of meeting him personally. Recently (Aug 09) after having a car-seat conversation with my brother I searched my email inbox for the email containing Kyle’s video. As I played the video again (in tears) I learned of the foundation that had been formed in Kyle’s honor to spread awareness of car-seat safety. I quickly made a donation to show my support and to help you keep the memory of Kyle love alive and touching others. The two parental website communities to which I belong received emails from me encouraging them to create “child passenger safety” buttons on their websites and to link Kyle’s video the foundation website and your new “hip monkey” store supporting the foundation. I truly hope this will spread the word further and further. I even decided to resend Kyle’s video in an email to all my friends and family to refresh your important message and to make them aware of Kyle’s foundation. Having also recently learned of memorabilia for Kyle I now heart-touchingly wear a blue Kyle wristband and have Kyle’s Kindness card on my dining room server table next to many pictures of my family and close friends. I guess we have adopted Kyle as part of our extended family – a darling guardian angel of our family. I will pass along Kyle’s kindness cards in my neighborhood and Kyle’s cute Turtis buttons and try to enlighten everyone I know about child passenger safety. Even though I am somewhat busy if there are other ways I can help please let me know. I would love to do more to help. Please do keep me as a friend of your foundation and even though we never met a friend of your lovely family. I am keeping your family and Kyle in my thoughts and prayers. With warm kindest regards Ivanka Andonov (with husband Ed Perisa son Edward Jacques Perisa and expected Miss December due on 12/25/09) Close
Thank-you / Christie   Read >>
Thank-you / Christie

Your video was posted on a baby board that I was a member on years ago and it hit me hard.  At the time my daughter was still in a regular forward facing seat (rated to 40lbs) but last year when she was nearing 40lbs and we had a new baby needing her convertible seat we went and bought a higher rated harness seat for our 4 year old.  It was one of those things that we had to do because we had seen your video.   Last week we were in an accident and were struck from the side in an intersection.  I had my two girls with me and I am 6 months pregnant.  We were spun 180 degrees and the van flipped onto the driver side.  My daughter was in her 5pt harness anchored and tethered my 16 month old in her convertible with the seat belt still rear facing.  When I looked back the first thing I thought was how glad I was that my 4 year old was in her 5pt harness and was in exactly the same place she was when I put her in.  She sits on the driver side and I can only imagine all the things that could have happened if she had been in a booster seat.  Both girls came out without a scratch I had minor injuries and I owe so much to you sharing your story.  We are certainly on a mission to spread the word about extended rear facing and extended harnessing.  It frustrates me to no end that there is very little awareness and education about the move to booster seats at 40lbs.  Thank-you so much for ensuring a safe outcome in our accident.  Kyle may have just saved my daughter's life or at the very least ensured she was not hurt in the slightest in our accident.  

He's your angel!  / Ronda Enriquez   Read >>
He's your angel!  / Ronda Enriquez

I was looking for infomation on car seats for my kids and that's when I saw the video and the web site. All I could do was cry.  I'm deeply sorry for you and your family's lost.  Now I'll be looking for the right car seats for my kids. He's watching over you and yours. This story will safe more little lifes.

Because of your story  / Maggie Mallon   Read >>
Because of your story  / Maggie Mallon
Because of your story I made sure we bought a Britax Marathon for our Daughter who is due any day now.

I know nothing can bring your son back, but please take heart in knowing that by sharing your story you made one more child safer.

Thank you! Close
project for kyle  / Charlotte Caldwell   Read >>
project for kyle  / Charlotte Caldwell
hi my name is charlotte i had a project to do in my child devolopment class on car seat safety i did my project on your son kyle and the teacher loved it even had a teacher ask to make a copy of my project to send to her daughter in law i ended up getting a 100 on this project is there anyway i can send it to the miller family i would love to send it to you please reply Close
Car seat Project  / Samantha Clark (caring stranger )  Read >>
Car seat Project  / Samantha Clark (caring stranger )

Hello, my name is Samantha Clark, and I was assigned a project in my Child Development class.  I have to do an oral presentation for car seats.  Truth of the matter is, I didn't really think it was all that fun, or that it mattered very much.  That was before I saw Kyle's story.  I knew that car seats were supposed to be safe, and that seat BELTS were supposed to be 100% effective.

Supposed to.  That's the thing.  They don't always work, (as we've seen from his story) and I now have this little angel's help to reinforce that fact to my peers, and the parents of the preschoolers that I work with everyday.  The little ones in my life mean so much to me, (I'm only 14, and I work with 20 preschoolers, have 2, almost 3 nephews, and 1 neice) and I would hate to have them come in harm's way.  As Christine said in writing his story, the car is one of the most dangerous situations you can put a child in. 

I thank Christine, Kyle, Kevin, and Katie for spreading the message of car seat safety, I guarantee that you've helped thousands of people, and those people have helped other people, and those people have passed the message on, and so forth.  With this power of knowledge, I can help the preschoolers parents, my sisters with their children, and even my own sister, who should still be in a 5 point harness.

Kyle, by the way your mommy talks about you, you seem like a very cute, innocent, funloving little boy, and didn't deserve to be taken from this world.  We needed you here, Kyle, but just think about how many people you're helping with the knowledge your parents now know.  Think about it like you're a little superhero!!  You're saving lives, one car seat at a time.  Congratulations buddy!! I wish I could be more superhero-like, and maybe I can because of you.  Let's work hard to save more people, okay?  I don't even know you, but I love and miss you, and I'm sure I'll get to meet you one day.  Once again, thank you little angel.


Sorry / Melinda Parson   Read >>
Sorry / Melinda Parson
I just read your story. I am so sorry. I watched the video a while ago and every time I watch it I start to cry. I have a 3 year old and i don't know what I would do without him. I am going to get him a new car seat tonight. Thank you for the information on them. Kyle is my sons guardian angle. He was a cutie. Take care Close
an angel in heaven  / Thomas Napoli (a friend forever )  Read >>
an angel in heaven  / Thomas Napoli (a friend forever )

i would like to just take the time to send my condolescences out to kyles's friends and family on his very very sad loss. i was watching the youtube video and it broke my heart, but i know kyle is looking down on you smiling and watching over u. I myself have been telling my girlfriend who has 2 kids( one is 5 and one is 4) that u can tell the 5 year old out of his car seat and buckle him in, but after watching your video and i will most definitely tell her not too.. you guys are absolutely amazing in what your doing and how strong all of u are. please email me back if u can and if u need anything at all please let me know.

Beautiful Angel In Heaven  / Marcia De Matos   Read >>
Beautiful Angel In Heaven  / Marcia De Matos
Wow, I just wanted to say that your son was wonderful and in himself a beautiful gift. I have a 3 year old son that reminds of your son and I could only imagine your pain. I want you know that your story really touched my heart and I think about Kyle everytime I look at my kids. After reading your story, I have looked into buying a regent considering my 6 year old daughter is in a booster right now. Thank you for sharing your story, it takes a lot of courage to read much less write. I will never forget you, your family and your sweet little boy Kyle, you are always in my prayers. God Bless You, until you meet you baby again! Close
Kyle - hope you are smiling down from Heaven!  / The Whitmire Family (admirer from afar )  Read >>
Kyle - hope you are smiling down from Heaven!  / The Whitmire Family (admirer from afar )

I chose this picture out of all of the ones you posted since I am also a father.  I have a daughter who's almost a year old and she sometimes sits in my lap, just like Kyle is doing here.  I feel like such a powerful man when I am protecting her while she is sitting in my lap.  I have read your story and I was deeply touched.  I know (knowing what you knew) that, although you protected Kyle since he was born... you couldnt' protect him that fateful day of his passing.  I'm sure you have since gotten over any guilt from this (at least I hope you have), but if you haven't, I (just a stranger, I know...) want you to know that you did the best you could as a loving Father.  The pictures you've posted definitely prove that.  

I take a ton of pictures of our daughter and I have plenty that look very similar to yours.  It really saddens me that Kyle's life was cut short - he had such a loving family (on earth, anyway - Heaven awaits a joyful reunion, for certain).  For reasons we do not yet know (but we WILL know someday, for certain, I feel it in my heart!),  God chose Kyle to leave this earth.  Children die every day of accidents, disease, etc....  and it just doesn't seem fair.  Good people die, while bad ones keep living full lives.  Again... one day, we'll all know why.  God has a master plan...  it's just unfortunate (or fortunate, if you are one of the children Kyle's story has saved from death) that Kyle was part of those plans.   I'm rambling on... sorry about that.

In closing, I just want to say that your family seems a lot like mine - I can sense it in your story and pictures, also.  I can relate on a lot of different points.  But I cannot fathom the pain you and your family have endured these past ffew years.  My heart goes out to you... and I look forward to meeting Kyle one day in Heaven (and to tell him what he already knows: he's a hero - and so is his Daddy - and the rest of his family too!).  Thanks for sharing your story and I'm VERY grateful to see how sharing it has helped so many other families w/children in need. 


PS -  Thanks for creating and posting the videos on YouTube!

your are great  / Mandy Anderson   Read >>
your are great  / Mandy Anderson
i think that what you are doing is great you say you dont know why this happened to you and you may never know in this life maybe it was so you could came and tell all us mother about it so it does not happen to another mommy what you are doing is great i have to say when my second child was born he got my daughters 5 point harnesh seat and she was big enough for a buster seat but now that i have read your story i dont want her in it right now im not working but when i get enogh money to buy one i so am i dont want this to happen to my kid thank you so much i just lost my uncle in the metro link crash on 9/12/2008 and i say y my uncle but he loved god more then anyone i know and i say maybe he took the place of someone that did not believe in god and now they do because there servived we will never know y these things happen but all we can do is speak up about them so thank you Close
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